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If you need professional groundworks done by experienced groundworks contractors, London has no finer company than us, a team you can trust. Thanks to their years of industry experience, our in-house groundwork contractors London offer a reliable, high quality service that continues to lead the way in construction.

As an established and trusted groundworks company, London clients can expect the best work from us, without exception, from large scale groundwork construction London projects to small scale work, both residential and commercial.

Our competitive prices, reliable results and great service make us the groundworks company London construction companies trust, so contact us today for groundworks in London.



From basement excavation

When it comes to groundworks London, our clients can rely on us for well priced and professional basement excavation work. From terraces to townhouses, our fully accredited groundworks contractors London are equipped and trained to do large scale basement excavation cost and time efficiently.

Through formworks and foundations

Our groundworks contractors London do a range of professional formworks and foundations, ensuring that everything is done safely and on time, keeping the rest of the construction project on track. Our groundworks construction London is available for both residential and commercial clients.

To complete groundwork construction

At BNS Groundwork London, we have a team of groundworks contractors that do complete groundwork projects. As well as basement excavation and formworks, we offer full service groundworks construction London, all done at fair prices and within agreed timelines.

Not Just Basement Construction London

When it comes to groundworks, London has no more experienced company than us. Our team of groundworks contractors London-wide are experienced in all kinds of basement construction, from full excavation to total redesigns of existing spaces.

Coupled with that experience, our groundworks contractors have a real passion for working with clients to deliver the best results, without exception. As a trusted basement company in London, we take pride in our portfolio of projects that showcase the quality of our work and the dedication of our basement builders.

Much of our work is groundworks construction and basement building in London, and we know that this can be a stressful time for our clients, which is why we guarantee that our work will be done to the highest standard with minimum disruption. Our groundworks contractors use the best materials and finest techniques, and do more than basement construction including building renovations.

Contact us for more details, and browse our online project portfolio.

Our Services

BNS Groundwork London Contractors Present All Our Groundworks Services

Our range of groundworks London involves large or small scale basement construction works. Using their expertise and experience, our groundworks contractors London will do safe and sturdy basement construction to clients’ exact specifications and requirements.

Underpinning A House

When underpinning a house London, our customers can trust us to deliver safe, sturdy and secure underpinning foundations. Our underpinning London service is available to residential and commercial clients.All our underpinning in London comes with industry leading guarantees

Basement Waterproofing

Part of our groundworks construction London service is the all-important basement waterproofing. Our highly trained groundwork contractors London will make your basement waterproof and do all necessary tests to ensure it is long lasting and guranteed.

Structural Steel Works

When it comes to groundworks London, our clients need structural steel works that they can trust. As a trusted groundwork company London, we guarantee that all our structural steel works will be done to the highest industry standards with safety always guaranteed.

New House Building

It’s not easy building a new house, but our groundworks contractors London mean that this part of the project will be done professionally and safely. Our groundworks construction London will ensure a timely project and results you can rely on.

All Shell Structures

When you need all shell structures as part of your construction project, we are the groundwork company London that you should call. Our groundworks contractors London have a range of experience with shell structures, ensuring you will get professional results.

Interior Fit Outs

At BNS Groundwork London we enjoy doing high class interior fit outs. As well as all their other work, our groundwork contractors London have the necessary skills and experience to do your fit out in the style you want, at a price you will appreciate.

House Extensions

When it comes to stunning loft extensions and space-creating rear extensions, we are a trusted groundwork company London placed. We do a range of work including one or two-storey house extensions London wide, whatever style you need and whenever you want it done.

Roofing Works

Our groundworks services London can include roofing works on both commercial and residential properties. With our experienced groundworks contractors London, our clients will know that their roofing work will be done safely and professionally, every time.


We are a team of specialist groundworks contractors London, with a team of highly experienced specialists. Our groundwork contractors London are here to help you plan and complete your construction or renovation project, whether large or small, commercial or domestic, with a guaranteed of quality on all our groundworks.

As part of our company promise, our groundworks contractors will work closely with clients and developers to guarantee the project plans are secure and groundworks London options full explained and explored

When it comes to groundworks contractors London, they take health and safety very seriously on any construction site, and at BNS Groundwork London we ensure that our workforce is professionally trained and have industry-recognized accreditation to ensure safety in all environments. All our projects in London involve careful planning leading to successful completion.

Our groundworks contractors London boast a background in civil engineering, with a portfolio of projects including tunnel developments and bridge construction. When you need groundworks and groundworks construction London, we are the company to call, whether that is for a large or small project.

Our groundworks contractors work with main contractors and property developers on commercial and residential projects, so when you need groundworks London, we will work with you to get the job done.

When it comes to groundworks construction London, projects in our portfolio include work on schools, single story buildings, multi-story buildings and more. From large to smaller scale and everything in between, our company experience means we offer expertise and experience to ensure the job is carried out to the highest industry standards.

At BNS Groundwork London, we offer a range of groundworks construction that includes basement construction Lonodn clients can trust for quality and results. From basements designed to create a new underground car park, to basement swimming pools, a new cinema room or extra storage space, our groundworks contractors London will get things done. Whatever your bespoke requirements, we are the groundworks company London customers can trust.

Our groundworks contractors London boast a wealth of industry acumen, meaning that we  prepare basements that are fit for purpose and do so professionally, paying particular attention to  waterproofing. This is an important part of our basement construction groundworks London, as without a watertight basement, serious problems could occur later.

Using our industry acumen, groundworks construction knowledge, high quality tools and trusted techniques in basement construction, London customers get our assurance and guarantee that their basement work will be problem-free. At BNS Groundwork London, we aim to complete our groundworks and basement constructions on time and within budget.



Skeleton Steel Framing

For some of our steelworks, buildings require a skeleton steel frame. This is composed of steel beams and columns connected using proper connections. For this, our contractors use steel beams around the perimeter of the structure, termed as spandrel beams, where any masonry walls should be placed.

Wall Bearing Steel Framing

Where structural steelwork building involves a wall bearing steel framing structure, a building wall (whether interior or exterior) is used to carry the end of structural members that support floor or roof loads. Our contractors ensure that the wall bearing is strong enough to both carry vertical reactions and resist imposed horizontal loads.

Long Span Steel Framing

Long span steel framing is what our contractors consider when large clearance is required, meaning that long spanning cannot be realized using steel beams and columns. Long span steel framing structural steelwork options offer options, for instance, girders, trusses, rigid frames, arches and cantilever suspension spans.

materials for steel work done by bns groundwork company london
reinforcement conrete works done by groundwork company london
BNS Explain

Why A Solid Groundworks Construction London Is Important

When it comes to constructing buildings, the quality of groundworks construction London on your site is absolutely crucial. Put simply, the complete weight of the building is going to rely on the work done by your groundworks contractors making your groundworks the central element in the success of your construction project.

As all our groundworks contractors London will tell you, all successful construction projects start with excellent groundworks. There are many reasons why groundworks construction on London builds are so critical, from helping create the required layout and overall structure of the building, to providing the strength required to hold the building’s eventual weight.

Hiring the best groundworks contractors London can help you do the evaluation and planning of the groundwork in a way that guarantees project success. It is the responsibility of your groundworks contractors London to lay out everything according to the expected output of the project before the construction commences.

Substructure And Groundwork London
Stabilisation Methods

Soil Nails

When it comes to groundwork London and substructure work, soil nail walls are generally constructed from the top down. Typically, the soil is excavated in one to two metre deep stages. Tension-resisting steel bars are inserted into the holes and grouted in place, professional work done properly, using the best equipment and techniques in the business. Tension-resisting steel bars are inserted into holes in a wall and grouted in place.

Ground Anchors

Groundworks construction London involves the use of ground anchors. To do this, steel cables have metal wedges on their ends, and the metal wedge end is driven pneumatically into the slope face to the desired depth. To complete this process, the cable is pulled taut and attached to a finishing plate to maintain tension.

Geosynthetic Materials

During our groundworks projects London we use geosynthetic materials, which can be incorporated into retaining walls and embankments to provide critical reinforcement. Geotextiles are woven to allow the passage of groundwater, and as geomembranes are impermeable, they are typically used as liner materials.



Our groundworks construction London starts with a ground investigation as we know that every site is unique. This ground investigation which helps our groundwork contractors London placed identify key issues of concern such as past land use, the stability of the ground in question and any underlying problems that may cause potential issues in the future.


The second part of groundworks construction in London is the site clearance. Our professional groundwork teams in London are on site to clear and collect the topsoil in its entirety. If it is needed, our groundworks contractors in London will also level the land if the site is sloping, using a level development platform.


Ground stabilization covers all the work below the underside of screed or in instances where there is no screed, the underside of the lowest floor finishes including damp-proof membrane together with relevant excavation and foundations. Our groundworks contractors London also do the setting up of temporary or permanent drainage as well as other utility connections.

Groundworks London
Benefits of Solid Groundworks Foundations

Solid Groundwork Construction
Acts as a Stabilizer

Groundworks on London homes are just about the foundation holding up the house, they are about stabilizing structures to prevent lateral movement from side to side. Beyond slippage and subsidence, storms, rains, high winds, and other inclement weather conditions can batter a building.

Solid Groundwork Construction
Helps During Flooding

As a professional groundworks company in London we know that, In the event of a serious flood, a solid building foundation may not be enough to save possessions from water damage, though it will ensure that the property will remain standing with structural integrity intact.

Solid Groundwork Construction:
  Superior Insulation

Though heat-loss does occur through the roof of a building, heat can also be lost through contact with a colder surface such as the earth into which a building has been constructed. The porous qualities of reinforced concrete act as an insulating buffer to prevent this, making groundworks on your London property critical for insulation. 

Fit Out vs. Renovation: What’s the Difference?

A fit-out is not the same as a renovation, each needs a different kind of work.

A Basement Fit Out by Groundworks Contractors in London.

Doing a professional basement fit-out involves making an empty basement into a fully usable space. This usually includes adding windows, door fittings, heating, plumbing, and ventilation too.

A Basement Renovation with Groundworks London

Doing a basement renovation means taking the basement space and improving it to be designed for what you want out of the space, and how you want to use it. This kind of basement renovation can include things such as painting, new furniture, and improving the overall decor.

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