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Steel is an alloy of iron and small amounts of carbon. Structural steel is one of the most widely used building materials in construction. Structural steel has many properties, including: high tensile and compressive strength, ductility, durability, and light weight.

Beams and columns are joined together to form a skeleton that supports components in construction projects. The skeleton forms a gridlike frame that reinforces concrete, which has low tensile strength and ductility. It supports the floors, walls and roof.

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Providing Steel Services Every Step Of The Way


There are many operational decisions to make before the start of any structural steelwork London project. Choices need to be made regarding budget, design and a schedule. Our Structural steelwork London team will handle all the logistical details and organise a schedule, giving you time to work on other obligations.


Following these initial steps, our engineering and fabrication team will continue on to the next step. These contractors have many years experience working from preliminary concepts to the final engineering process. They will expertly manufacture the steelwork components that will, when assembled and joined, form the completed structure.

Installation and Erection

Finally, our structural steel contractors London installation service, in partnership with leading sub contractors, will erect your finished structure. Our expert team has all the skills and equipment needed to manage the structural steel and other metal components needed to complete your project, whether it's a small structure or a larger one.

Standard Frames

Multi-span rigid frames

By using columns as interior supports, these can provide unlimited strength. Supporting columns are placed where strength is needed. This type of frame is necessary when you have large interior spaces.

Arch buildings

These are popular as they are easily assembled. They are self-supporting structures, without any interior supports, such as: columns, trusses or beams. The exterior sheeting makes up the wall, ceiling and roof.

Single-span rigid frames

These frames create a covered space, with no need for interior columns, with a beam providing support at each end. An average single-span building can reach up to 120 feet wide.

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