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BNS Basement Contractors Basement Construction In London Area

At BNS Groundwork London, we are proud to be staffed by a talented team of basement contractors across London, as well as structural teams, waterproofing and site set up crews, ensuring the right expertise to do a range of basement construction work in London.

We believe in innovation in basement construction, allowing us to set the standards with basement construction and basement building in London, always delivering what clients want.  As an established basement company in London, we pioneer and build new engineering, basement construction and underpinning methods, maximising the space of each property.

When it comes to creating additional space, our basement contractors in London can do everything from basic basement construction to extending below gardens and driveways. During our basement construction work in London, traditional underpinning techniques are supplemented by other engineering methods such as contiguous bored piles, reinforced concrete walls, slabs and composite decking.

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Basement Construction in London Include Options

Retofit basement construction

For some basement building, an under house (Retrofit) is the most popular, where our basement contractors will excavate below your property while you carry on living in your property as normal, making our basement building a minimum disruption process.

Sub-basement construction

For other basement building projects in London, we use the Sub-Basement, where our basement contractors are not restricted to a single level basement. BNS offers experience in building multiple level basements, including the installation of swimming pools, plant rooms, wine cellars and storage.

Under garden basement construction

With this open excavation option, our basement contractors can construct below your garden, or if you want basement building under your house but that does not fulfil your need for space, your basement building can be extended beyond the boundaries of your house by an open excavation.

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Basement Company London

Basement Design And Building

At BNS, we offer basement construction in London that includes basement design and basement building services covering every aspect of your basement conversion. From the early initial scheme designs stage, our basement contractors in London will discuss your basement planning application and what you want to achieve, keeping you in the loop at every stage of the basement building project.

Our basement construction work in London includes a survey and detailed discussions about your proposed basement design, including the intended use of your new basement. When we have optimized the potential space, we will get our basement contractors in London on site to start your basement construction.

Three Major Types
of Basement Construction in London

When it comes to basement construction in London, a builder, architect, or property inspector is the person who can advise and inform you about the home you’re planning to build or purchase, but understanding basement construction types is important. 

Poured Concrete Basement Construction London

Basement builders in London often use this method, as poured concrete basements are probably the most common type of construction, sturdy and simple. Poured concrete basement construction starts with the pouring of a footing for the foundation.

Concrete Block Basement Construction London

With basement construction in London this is the least expensive option as it uses concrete blocks or masonry. Basement builders use cinder blocks to make walls, which can be constructed in less time than it takes to create a poured concrete wall. 

Precast Panels Basement Construction London

Basement builders in London use this kind of construction to save money and time and it is often used in newer residential structures  that can utilize precast foundation walls. These walls are fabricated elsewhere, then transported to the building site when they’re ready to be installed.


More Space

If you're a homeowner with a fast growing family, or you just want more living space, a basement construction London build could be your solution. Basement building London homeowners often have large basements which run along the whole length and width of their property.

Added Property Value

An added advantage for basement construction London town, is it will increase the value of your property substantially.

Creative Freedom

Following the basement renovation, you will have many options for the large space that is created. It could be used for a large bedroom with an en suite, a recreation room for your children, or for the whole family to enjoy, a home cinema, personal gym or an office and working space. The choices are endless.

Is Basement Waterproofing Worth It?

Because of their position under the house, basements can be prone to problematic flooding and water damage. If you are planning on a basement remodel, incorporating weatherproofing is a good decision. You can be confident that when your basement is finished, you won’t need to worry about expensive future bills or water affecting the foundations of your house. Waterproofing your basement adds more value to your home and is an important feature for future buyers. There are many benefits if you waterproof your basement and no disadvantages. Contact your basement construction London company, for more information.




Consultation With Basement Contractors London

At BNS, before we begin construction, we arrange a consultation to discuss what you want from your basement construction London project and finalise a quote before we begin.


Design In Basement Company London

We work with architects, designers and engineers to provide a design that meets all your requirements, our basement builders London will use your design to carry out their work.


Health And Safety Along Basement Company London

As a reputable basement construction London company, health and safety is a priority for us in every project. We work closely with accredited health and safety managers.


Excavation By Basement Builders London

All of our contractors have valuable experience and are skilled. During excavation they are mindful of the surrounding properties’ security. Their quality work and our competitive prices will keep you satisfied.


Perfect Fit-Out With Basement Construction London

After construction and water-proofing, your basement is complete and transformed, ready for you to put the final finishing touches. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

We Will Create Your Dream Home


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